The Campfire Union - Level up your reality

People have been imagining new worlds since we first discovered fire. We combine storytelling with emerging technology to bring new realities to life.

Flipside is your own virtual TV studio

With nothing more than an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive VR setup, you can produce your own animated shows in realtime, whether they're recorded or streamed live to the web, in both video and VR versions.

Your VR setup becomes the motion capture system. You become the character directly inside the virtual set of your show. Just jump inside the show, press record, and go.


We are virtual reality developers

Virtual reality is transforming how we interact with technology, and enabling us to do so in a more human way.

As a new medium, VR has to be experienced to be understood. It's like being transported to another world.

At The Campfire Union, our job is to create these new worlds. Join us on our journey to bring new realities to life.


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