Introducing Flipside Studio

We’ve been hinting at big things for a while now, and we’re super excited to finally unveil the first part of those things. Flipside has been our semi-stealth mode project since early last year, and we’re now ready to start opening it up to a wider audience.

Today, we're making Flipside Studio available to a select group of content creators. Flipside Studio is the fastest way to create animated shows, for both traditional 2D screens as well as VR playback.

Interested content creators can sign up on the new Flipside website.

We're also launching the first two shows recorded in Flipside Studio:

Super Secret Science Island

Created in collaboration with Winnipeg-based improv comedy duo Bucko Comedy, Super Secret Science Island is a show about two failed science experiments, 2B and Genefur, who are stranded on a deserted island. Follow their antics as they look for a way off the island and to find their missing creator, Dr. Whoosh.

Earth From Up Here

Earth From Up Here is a weekly alien news update about what’s happening down here on Earth. The alien newscaster, named Zeeblow Gonzoar, is written and performed by San Francisco-based comedian Jordan Cerminara.

For more info about the shows and about Flipside Studio, visit

- by John Luxford

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